Excela is associated with other companies and individual consultants who can supplement Excela's services on an as-needed basis. Excela does the same for them. Some of Excela's associates are the following:

Mike Gurski

Mike Gurski brings over 15 years of senior privacy experience. With more than five years as the Senior Technology and Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, plus more than six years leading Bell Canada’s privacy practice (Bell Privacy Centre of Excellence), Mike has been immersed in the legislative, technology, governance and privacy risk issues of multiple technologies. He has provided practical guidance in managing privacy in high-tech environments to many government departments, eHealth organizations, universities and colleges.

EWA Canada

EWA Canada is one of Canada's premier information security firms.  Excela partners with EWA for projects requiring in-depth privacy and security expertise, including but not limited to combined privacy and threat risk assessments, i.e., combined PIA/TRA projects. 

Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton is a seasoned expert in access and privacy compliance, with over 15 years' experience.  Formerly the Director of Compliance and Special Investigations in Alberta's Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, he is a recognized expert in privacy impact assessment, health informatics privacy, incident response and privacy breach investigation.  Brian can provide advice on all aspects of the application of access and privacy legislation, information technology and information security. He is a certified information security professional and information systems auditor.

Jean Eaton

Jean offers privacy and security consulting services with strong experience in the health sector.  She has held information management, administrative, analytical and management positions in physician offices, hospitals, health authorities, professional associations and the provincial government in Alberta.  She is one of the province's most experienced healthcare privacy experts.

Carol Appathurai

Carol Appathurai is a former Director of Privacy for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, responsible for the introduction of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) in Ontario. She has a national reputation for great expertise in privacy policies and procedures and risk analysis.

Bob Doherty

Bob Doherty became Nova Scotia’s first Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Coordinator in 1996. He has advised the government on legislative amendments to the N.S. FOIPOP Act and assisted in the development of the Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act (PIIDPA), a key law in the international personal protection legislative landscape. Currently he provides privacy compliance consulting services to a variety of  organizations and  is an adjunct instructor in the Dalhousie University Continuing Education Department’s Local Government Program.  He is also a lawyer, specializing in information access and privacy law.